Monday, September 30, 2013

Advanced classes

I have received some requests for advanced workshops in November and for next year. I will give a workshop for a minimum of 3 people and maximum of 5. For these classes, I will want to communicate with the participants and understand the direction of the techniques that are of interest. My videos show 11 different techniques, but I would like to concentrate on one or two in the workshops. It is more helpful not to scatter your creativity and work to perfect your work.

I am always happy to work personally in a private class. That way you can have my full attention and help. A lot can be learned in one day. Several private students have been interested in painting figuratively in encaustic. One person, just wanted to watch me work for a day, so I can design a class just for you.

I will offer an advanced workshop Nov. 4 & 5. That is just after the big Day of the Dead festivites, so if you are visiting San Miguel, you can combine your trip with an encaustic workshop and a colorful fiesta. Bring your camera.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Positive comments on the online classes

 It is rewarding to get these comments on my online encaustic classes. Check them out at:

"I have been an Encaustic artist for just 4 years. I love learning from other artists, and Ezshwan has much to offer. These tapes are great for techniques and building confidence."

" I have enjoyed all your videos and it has been worth every penny! I have learned a lot a that will keep me busy. Hopefully I can take a trip down there for a class!"

"I recently purchased your online workshop and have really enjoyed it . I want very much to try and travel to San Miguel for a private lesson. I've loved your work since finding you online.,particularly your figurative work. So look for me in the future.... You are on my wish list!"

"I'm just finishing your memoir this morning. You certainly made a great life for yourself. You had low lows, but also fantastic highs. Your videos have been one of the reasons I got into encaustic. [could not see myself without encaustics now] Will look forward to to blogs and the new book sounds something I will have to read."

"I purchased your video series and very much enjoyed the first one I viewed, Encaustic on Paper.  I read your memoir and loved that as well.
So looking forward to it that I have already started looking into a possible trip to see you in person....and maybe take a private class if possible...Thank you for the information.  I can't wait to try the stain on board technique."

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

private classes

I have had a nice response from the online classes. The comments have been great, except one person was disappointed that I mentioned that I would show taping in one video and then changed my mind during the demo. I just didn't think the painting needed it.  My videos are hosted my Vimeo, and they do not give email address of the buyers. I wish I could contact her and I would do a personal Skype session with her and make it good with her.

As soon as I finish an article for the Encaustic Art Institute's online magazine, I'll get back in the studio to start my own new work.

I will be teaching private classes, but I'm considering not doing introductory classes - at least for the time being. There are many others who are teaching the beginning workshops and I would like to work with those who are have some encaustic experience.

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