Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Another encaustic experience

It is a wonderful privilege to introduce artists to the encaustic technique. Paul, an accomplished artist with Disney wanted to add encaustic to his field of art techniques. We covered a lot of techniques in the one day he was working with me in the studio.
His main interest was creating textured layers, so one of the first things I showed him was spraying water into the molten wax.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

I'm concentrating on Private Classes

I get to meet and hang out with delightful artists during the private workshops I offer. These are not beginning artists; they have had either some encasutic experience or a lot and want to learn many new techniques.

I cover making glass-like surfaces, transfers, oil glazes, using pan pastels, incising, carving, painting portraits, incorporating charcoal and wax pencil, encaustic on paper, shellac burn and anything else the participant want to experience. I will stay in touch for as long as there are questions or inquires about tool and materials.
Phe from Australia Aug. 2

Amy from Tennessee, Aug. 3 Sorry Amy about the shot with your hair over your face, the other one had your eyes cosed.

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