Tuesday, September 10, 2013

private classes

I have had a nice response from the online classes. The comments have been great, except one person was disappointed that I mentioned that I would show taping in one video and then changed my mind during the demo. I just didn't think the painting needed it.  My videos are hosted my Vimeo, and they do not give email address of the buyers. I wish I could contact her and I would do a personal Skype session with her and make it good with her.

As soon as I finish an article for the Encaustic Art Institute's online magazine, I'll get back in the studio to start my own new work.

I will be teaching private classes, but I'm considering not doing introductory classes - at least for the time being. There are many others who are teaching the beginning workshops and I would like to work with those who are have some encaustic experience.

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