Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Online workshops

I am taking time off from teaching in my studio and have created online encasutic workshops. Not everyone can take the time to visit beautiful San Miguel de Allende and although I have been invited to travel to other places to teach, I have everything at my fingertips in the studio and I haven't figured out how to travel with all the equipment.

If you already have had some experience in encaustic, I can share many different encaustic techniques and processes online. It was a time consuming activity. There are 11 different classes, including an introduction to my studio and life.

I  include several image examples of each technique beyond what we are working on. A supply list will be included as well as Skype conferences by appointment.

List of classes that will be offered:
  1. Hot pen drawing over layers of encasutic
  2. Oil stained board , covered with smooth encasutic surface
  3. Creative encasutic stenciling
  4. Collage, composition and encasutic
  5. Heavy layers and carving
  6. Incising lines, drawing on rice paper to create pattern
  7.  Easy transfers and "shellac burn"
  8. Creating deep textures with water
  9. Encasutic over water color 
  10. 10 sculpting with encasutic

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