Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November encaustic workshop

It is a continuing delight and privilege to introduce new people to encaustic painting. This group was so much fun and I got to make new friends.


Béa commented,"I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your workshop
You are a strong,... talented lady!
It was an honor to learn from you

Colors of Mexico

Donnis commented,
"Ezshwan, I so loved the encaustic class!  I enjoy being a beginner and learning something new...especially when it is so much fun and satisfying.  I plan to take more classes from you when I return next summer and know of two others who will join me.  You are a wonderful patient teacher.  I appreciate everything about the class.  As I walk around San Miguel I have been noticing surfaces which look like encaustic..."

Anna - encaustic over denim


Break time
By the second day the participants are excited to get to work and discover their personal encaustic adventure. A few quotes. "This is too much fun!" ; "This process gives joy!"; "This is the best!"

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