Monday, January 29, 2018

Workshops and online classes

Please go to my website;  to get the latest information on the workshops and online classes.

I have not yet been able to clean up this blog and I hate to lose all the years of photos of students.

But here is some information about the in-studio workshops.:

Join me in the studio for an in-depth exploration into the art of painting with encaustic. I will demystify the process of working with this seductive medium and share many of my trade secrets for creating unique painting effects  This workshop will help push your artwork to the next level and many students have gone on to exhibit and sell their own work. Each class is held in my own art studio, so class size is small that allows for a very personalized experience. Students of all skill levels gain from the intimate learning environment.

All skill levels are welcome here! This workshop is two 5 hours days, packed with  the information you need to start creating your own beautiful works in encaustic.

Once we cover all the basics,  we'll focus on unique painting techniques.

We'll have fun experimenting with mixed media and I'll guide you through any technical issues so you can take your encaustic work to the next level. All workshops take place in my professional studio located in beautiful San Miguel de Allende:

     •    Resources on materials, safe studio practices and so much more.
     •    Mastering a smooth surface.

    •    Creating a flawless image transfer.

    •    Embedding elements into wax.

    •    Incorporating mixed media such as oil paint, pastels and papers.

    •    Tips for unusual mark making techniques.

    •    How to make your own medium 

    •    Resources on materials, safe studio practices and so much more.  

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