Wednesday, October 30, 2013

wonderful, one day workshop

4 delightful women from the Bay area had just one day to attend a workshop and discover the magic of encaustic painting. I crammed in as much as possible and they painted, experimented and played in the wax. I was happily surprised how much they accomplished in one day.
 I know I had fun sharing with them and I feel they also had a memorable experience.


Nancy and Ellie at work
I didn't get a photo of Nancy and her work together. She was busy sending me a PayPal payment for a painting that she bought, and I didn't catch her with her work before she left, but here are her paintings of the day.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

November workshops

Now that I am on my way with a new series, I have the energy to offer 2 advanced workshops in November:

Oil paint and encaustic

oil stained board

smooth encasutic surface with stenciling and oil glaze

Friday Nov. 15 & Sat. Nov. 16: Combing oil and encaustic: oil stained board and creative stenciling

                         Monday Nov. 18 & Tuesday Nov. 19; Painting portraits in encaustic

The price for 2 days is $220 U.S.or peso equivalent,  plus $40 material charge. I provide all materials.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

    Online Encaustic Classes
Encaustic My Way 

Although I have had students from many countries participate in my encaustic workshops, not everyone can find the time to fit travel into their schedules to advance their encaustic techniques. So, now I have put together online encaustic classes that you can download when your schedule permits.

 This is an encasutic workshop like no other. I happily share my techniques that I personally teach and use. This is my way of working. 

These classes are directed to those who have had some art and encaustic experience. Beginners can also learn and experiment .
Classes are personal and detailed. It is just as if you are standing next to me in the studio during a private class. I encourage all my students to take the techiques and make them their own. I do not believe in just copying the instructor. Encaustic can take you on an exciting journey.  You can work on them on your own time.

After you receive your videos, and have questions, you can post on this blog and/or contact me at                                          
       Price: $35 for single class video
$145 for all 11 videos  
More than 5 hours of demos. Each on is about 30 minutes, some a bit longer
Click the link below

INTRODUCTION free videos
Studio tour
Life in San Miguel de Allende

Class 1
Working with drawing, translucent layers and hot pen

 Using thin coats of encaustic paint, ink and hot pen, we will layer translucent, luminous layers of medium over a white substrate, using our marks to create depth and active images.  Learn how to smooth the surface and build layer after layer to create luminosity.  Lastly, we will build raised lines with the encaustic pen to create more movement and contrast in texture.

32 minutes

                                                                Class 2
Oil paint stain under smooth encaustic surface
Like a stained canvas, we will rub oil paint on a white substrate using milk paint or encaustic gesso as a white base. Then we, manipulate, soften and change the energy of the soft colors until we have an abstract painting that satisfies us. Next, we create a flat, smooth, encaustic surface over the oil stained board. It is possible to add stenciling, raised encaustic drawing or texture or collaged dry organic materials on the smooth 

30 minutes

Class 3
Creative Stenciling
Making Stenciling an integral part of the painting instead of just laying on the surface
29 minutes

Class 4 
Transfers, oil glazes and India ink,Transfers, "secret" shellac burn

transfers, types of transfers, wax pencil and charcoal and Indian Head shellac burn

28 minutes

Class 5 
Combing oil paint and encaustic

This class will cover applying many colors of encaustic paint, and moving the paint with heat to bring up the underpaintng. We combine oil paint and encaustic, including glazing with light touches of oil paint, scraping to reveal subtle color surfaces, cutting in to revealing the deep layers, and using charcoal and wax pencil to enhance the movement of the composition.
29 minutes

Class 6
Building encaustic layers, scraping an carving
In this class, we will layer multi-colored under painting, using heat to mix and blend the paint. A final layer of single color encaustic covers most of the under painting and then the scraping and cutting reveals the diverse colors and movement
29 minutes

Class 7
Incising lines, drawing on rice paper, embedding, joss paper

We will create free form drawing with ink on thin rice paper, and imbed the paper invisibly into already Incised lines for sharp accents. Using the rice paper allows us to add detailed patterning easily. You do not have to be able to draw figuratively. You can trace or transfer an image on the encaustic and begin from there.
48 minutes
  Class 8
Creative collage

Building surface, composition, variety of surface and design with different textures and types of paper, layering, embedding , photographs, metal, and using Joss paper
42 minutes

Class 9
Building heavy, lava rock-like textures
We will build heavy layers of encaustic paint and then add deep, textured depth with water
30 minutes

Class 10
Encaustic on paper

 Using encaustic over watercolor on paper with hot pen enhancements.
First we will create a simple watercolor painting, cover it with clear encaustic medium, incise lines and add texture details with an encaustic pen. and/or paint directly on the paper, scrape, cut. and reveal the under painting.
30 minutes

Class 11
Building, molding and sculpting with encaustic

We will mold encaustic into organic shapes and attach them to the painting.
29 minutes

 I am not including painting figuratively in encaustic since I have written a detailed, step by step process in my book, Painting Portraits in Encasutic
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is a center of culture, art, and music. This charming colonial town attracts artists in all fields. This is where I live, work and teach. I have working primarily in encaustic for 13 years and have been teaching the technique for almost 9 years. I have had hundreds of students come through my workshops in my studio/home and I have made new friends and wonderful contacts through the classes.
 I received my degree in painting many years ago and continued studying art afterwards including printmaking, welded steel, stone, bronze and wood sculpture. I have been a working artist for over 50 years. I’ve worked in the art departments of publishing companies, owned and directed 2 art galleries, and have my work in many collections. That said, I consider myself a classical artist that now is painting in encaustic.
I fell in love with the encaustic technique when I first saw it in a gallery in Portland OR. about 14 years ago. There was little technical information about encaustic that was available at that time and I learned by all my mistakes. We are fortunate that now we are practically bombarded with encaustic info, some of it wonderful and helpful, and some of it just wrong, if you are interested in making archival work.
The way I teach is to share my expertise, and unique style with you, and then I encourage you to take the technique and make it reflect who you are when you take it into your own studio. I am proud that everyone that finishes one of my classes makes work that has their own distinctive voice. Take a look at some of the work from my students on my blog.
Although these 12 downloadable classes are directed at artists who have some experience in encaustic painting, a novice can gain inside information and lift their encaustic paintings to a higher, more advanced level. Join me in my studio as I demonstrate the joy of creating beautiful encaustic paintings. I won’t be covering many of basic the techniques that you can learn on YouTube, but you follow along with me at your pace and discover that beauty and excitement can be found working in encaustic.
My book, Painting Portraits in Encaustic is available for purchase:

I have 2 other books on Blurb - one of images of my abstract encaustic paintings and the other is figurative painting in encaustic. They are both available for sale.,
My online magazines show my most recent encaustic work and the latest workshops.

With over 50 years as a working artist, I have chosen my favorite techniques in encaustic painting.

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