Monday, September 30, 2013

Advanced classes

I have received some requests for advanced workshops in November and for next year. I will give a workshop for a minimum of 3 people and maximum of 5. For these classes, I will want to communicate with the participants and understand the direction of the techniques that are of interest. My videos show 11 different techniques, but I would like to concentrate on one or two in the workshops. It is more helpful not to scatter your creativity and work to perfect your work.

I am always happy to work personally in a private class. That way you can have my full attention and help. A lot can be learned in one day. Several private students have been interested in painting figuratively in encaustic. One person, just wanted to watch me work for a day, so I can design a class just for you.

I will offer an advanced workshop Nov. 4 & 5. That is just after the big Day of the Dead festivites, so if you are visiting San Miguel, you can combine your trip with an encaustic workshop and a colorful fiesta. Bring your camera.

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