Friday, March 16, 2012

March 21012 Advanced encaustic techniques

We just finished the two day advanced encaustic workshop. I showed so many different techniques, and everyone wanted to try something new and did.

Bev and Anna with a carved India ink and encautic piece.

Rae experimenting with oil on milk paint then several layers of encasutic medium

Sher; transfers, taping and adding oil to the encaustic

Lynda, working over an older piece

Anna tried oil and charcoal on encaustic for a portrait.

Rae's "soft finish" oil under encaustic. Right side, water sprayed into hot encaustic.

Lynda; lots of layers with wax pencil

Bev; transfers, collage screening and more.

Sher; taping, collage, oil and encaustic portrait,

Me with an older piece: oil and encaustic

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