Friday, March 16, 2012

March 21012 Advanced encaustic techniques

We just finished the two day advanced encaustic workshop. I showed so many different techniques, and everyone wanted to try something new and did.

Bev and Anna with a carved India ink and encautic piece.

Rae experimenting with oil on milk paint then several layers of encasutic medium

Sher; transfers, taping and adding oil to the encaustic

Lynda, working over an older piece

Anna tried oil and charcoal on encaustic for a portrait.

Rae's "soft finish" oil under encaustic. Right side, water sprayed into hot encaustic.

Lynda; lots of layers with wax pencil

Bev; transfers, collage screening and more.

Sher; taping, collage, oil and encaustic portrait,

Me with an older piece: oil and encaustic

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Introductory workshop, march 2012

I had to insist that we take a break. It was hard for them to leave the studio

Mary Ellen




Another delightful group of people finished the intro to encaustic today. Most say that they want to continue experiencing painting with encaustic.

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