Online advanced classes

Online Advanced Encaustic Classes
Click on the above link to take you to the class videos.

These classes can be viewed over and over again. There are 11 different techniques that you can buy for $145, so that is about $13.20 a class, or you can buy just one that interests you for $35.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jan. advanced encaustic workshop





  1. Wow - I love the look of all the pieces by all at the workshop. What a great way to enjoy yourself, too. It looks like fun.

    But I just can't get the name. It sounds like something with ashes and lye. But the end result is beautiful.

    Hope you have room in your wee little bag to take the pieces home, Roxanne. Thank goodness for UPS (g).

  2. Do you mean the work encaustic sounds like ashes and lye? Nothing so nasty. It is a heated mixture of pure bees wax, damar resin and colored pigment. You are right, the end results are beautiful and demand to be touched.


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