Tuesday, April 12, 2011

last workshop until June

Jacqueline Segovia
I was concerned about the afternoon heat in the studio, so I asked all the participants to arrive an hour earlier - 9 instead of 10. They all did. It cooled down considerably today, the second day, because of a wind/dust "storm" last night that had me without electricity for a while. It was worth it to have a beautiful day today and no one had to break out in a sweat.


Chris and Larry




Chris at work

This group of five people was a dream to work with. Everyone quickly got the feel of the encaustic and the torch and created their own vision.


  1. Oh my, look at all those tans and tank tops. Beautiful student work, a terrific and generous teacher, the most beautiful spot on the planet. You have some serious magic going on there Ezshwan! When I say I wish I was there you know I mean it. xo

  2. Thank you Judy.When are you coming back?


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