Online advanced classes

Online Advanced Encaustic Classes
Click on the above link to take you to the class videos.

These classes can be viewed over and over again. There are 12 different techniques that you can buy for $145, so that is about $12 a class, or you can buy just one that interests you for $35.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Painting a face with a private student

Bren, a lovely woman from Georgia came to San Miguel for her first visit and to take a class with me.

She had her list of questions on technique and especially wanted to learn how to paint faces in encaustic. After my demo, I had her start on a tinted board, concentrating on breaking up the face into shapes and tones.

working from my "portrait" palette; powdered pigment and encaustic medium

End of the day = a face in encaustic

She bought her portrait and took it to its new home in Georgia. She was one of my 50 Faces Project

Friday, August 7, 2015

Private students get what they want

 Here is the live link to the discounted online classes

I really like working one on one with private encaustic students. We can focus on exactly the technique and what  they want to accomplish in the 5 1/2 hours that we work together.

Julia wanted to learn how to combine the photo her husband took with her painting style. We made a transfer of this wonderful photo and she applied it to the board after putting down a good base of encaustic. She had had no previous experience in encaustic, so we went from the basics to her completed painting.

See what can be done in one day with me working side by side with you. I demo on another board, offer suggestions, but encourage the student to create their own vision.

Finished painting - her first encaustic painting

close up of finished painting

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sharing my 60 years of art experience

In the past year, there has been few requests for a group workshops and most of the artists want specific techniques. I have been giving more private classes that can be arranged to suit your schedule and focus on exactly what you would like to learn.
I offer a side-by-side class where I work only with you for 5 1/2 hours. We actually can cover more in one day than in a two day workshop with several people.
 I supply primed boards, and all the other materials, including the encaustic paint, brushes torches and almost any tool you might like to try.
The cost is $250 U.S. or peso equivalent + $20 for materials. My students almost always leave with a few finished paintings.

You may want to consider a private class.

charcoal , encaustic, shellac

Student painting

carved encaustic and hot pen

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

advanced techniques encasutic workshop

layering encaustic glazes over transfers and collage

the success of experimenting

The simple paintings were something different for Larry

First layers for Judith before she added the heavy textures

The canine guest didn't need anything, but to be part of the group

Judith experimenting with the hot pen

finished painting

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Here is how we end the workshops

After the end of all workshops, we stop for a glass of wine and discussion of the class. Yesterday was the 91st class I have given. I keep adding more and more techniques to the advanced workshops. It is my pleasure to share all that I know.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Advanced and private classes

Bob, an architect, trying his hand at creating in hot wax and resin

Janice is an accomplished artist with recent show in the museum in Florence Italy 

Lori had a private class and used almost every technique possible in encaustic

Lori's first creation: photo printed on rice paper, transfers, India ink, incised lines, raised lines with the hot pen, charcoal, wax pencil, oil glazes, burnt shellac. No wonder she was full of ideas how add new techniques to her work when she gets back to her own studio.

Friday, September 5, 2014

New format for the encasutic workshops

I am now offering 3 day intensive workshops that include transportation from town to my home/studio/gallery that is a 15 minute drive  into the country.
Of course, the 2 day workshops are still happening. The 3 days is for you artists who just are not ready to stop after the first 2 day of fun and creativity.
large, airy studio

This is a relaxing event that closes on the third day with wine and critiques.

The dates are posted. I am considering weekend classes for those of you who work during the week. What do you think?


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